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Side Gig Income and Profits from Shares – Taxable?

  • Guest: Thanneermalai, Managing Director, Thannees Tax Consulting Services
  • Episode Summary: If you’ve taken on a side gig to supplement your income or made money from shares, you might want to catch Roshan Kanesan’s chat with tax consultant Thanneermalai about what income is taxable & what isn’t. They also wrap up the conversation with some tax filling and document preservation tips.

5 Steps To Get Women Investing

  • Guest: Annie Hor, Licensed Financial Advisor, Harveston Financial Advisory
  • Episode Summary: How do we overcome the narrative that not enough women are investing or taking charge of their financial lives? Roshan Kanesan speaks to licensed financial advisor Annie Hor for her personal observations, tips, and advice, on how to better empower women financially. They also get into the behavioural differences observed in men and women, overcoming fears of risk, and Annie’s first 5 steps when guiding her female clients to get more involved in investing.

Buying Property – First 5 Steps, 4 Common Mistakes, And More

  • Guest: Joyce Chuah, CEO, Success Concepts | Licensed Financial Planner, Principal Asset Management
  • Episode Summary: Should you buy property in 2021 with lowered rates and the homeownership campaign? What are the first steps I should take? What are the common mistakes people make? Roshan Kanesan discusses all this and more with licensed financial planner Joyce Chuah. They also get into whether renting is a waste of money, whether to use EPF money for property, and how much is too much to commit to monthly loan payments.

How To Analyse Property Stocks In Malaysia

  • Guest: Loong Kok Wen, Regional Head of Property, RHB Research
  • Episode Summary: Cheap, expensive, or fairly valued? What are important factors or metrics that investors should pay attention to when looking at different property developers? Roshan Kanesan explores this with Loong Kok Wen, Head of Regional Property Sector at RHB Research Institute. They also get into the struggles of the current property players, the factors that drive profitability, the importance of the general economy to the sector, and red flags to watch out for.

5 Things You Should Know Before Buying A Stock & Lessons From The GameStop Saga

  • Guest: Danny Wong, CEO, Areca Capital
  • Episode Summary: What lessons should we learn from the GameStop Saga? Want to invest in stocks but don’t know where to start? What is the bare minimum you should know before buying a stock? What does a PE ratio mean and why is it important? Roshan Kanesan explores all this and more with fund manager Danny Wong, CEO of Areca Capital.

Wedding Planning: Critical Advice, Common Mistakes, And Taking On Debt

Guest: Suraya Zainudin, Personal Finance Writer, and Nirmala Supramaniam, Head of Financial Education Department, Credit Counselling and Debt Management Agency (AKPK)

  • Episode Summary: How much does a wedding cost? Should you take on debt? How do you manage familial and societal expectations? In conjunction with Valentine’s Day, Roshan Kanesan explores all this and more with recently married personal finance writer Suraya Zainudin and Nirmala Subramaniam from the Credit Counselling and Debt Management Agency (AKPK).


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